Areas of finance

Raising capital has evolved from standard bank debt. Bank lending has more restrictions today than it did five years ago. It has therefore become commonplace for alternative and professional institutions to lead or contribute to a well devised financial structure. Understanding which type of institution will have sufficient appetite to fulfil the borrowers requirement is the first stage in arranging a well thought out financial offering.

Aldfords has a full range of lenders and financiers on hand to consider new client proposals. As a brokerage being able to operate quickly yet thoroughly means we are best placed to deliver the service our clients expect to receive.

We provide a plethora of financial solutions that include working capital, term facilities, real estate and development solutions, bridging, restructuring, acquisition, asset and structured finance.

Relationships that add value

When arranging sizeable transactions having key relationships with funders is not enough. Direct internal relationships with senior decision makers can often be the difference between receiving a term sheet  or embarking on weeks of protracted explanations and negotiations. We've spent over 20 years building these direct relationships.

Market based advice

The current interest rate position provides both risk and opportunity. With sizeable facilities it is imperitive to ensure that you are advised correctly. The quality of your advice can mean the difference in positive or negative cash flow if and when markets change.

Commercial Property

We provide funding for a variety of commercial assets, many of which are specialised and complicated to finance. These include:

  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Investment

The structure of the funding can include Mezzanine Debt, Bridging Finance, Senior Debt, Equity and Joint Ventures. 

Working Capital

Providing short and long term debt financing solutions is what Aldfords has a reputation for. We build innovative finance solutions that will achieve our clients objectives. We can fund a variety of working capital (including supply chain finance) facilities by unlocking upto £250m for our clients

Marine and Aviation

If you're looking to purchase or refinance a business jet, super yacht, container or tanker we can help. We can arrange a variety of secured loans, leases agreements and pre delivery payment financing for a multitude of high value assets. 

Bridging Finance

The bridging market is an ever changing animal. Fortunately we are plugged in to all the key funders at a senior level. We can provide timely bridging solutions for residential, commercial and industrial assets in just a matter of hours. We've been know to issue term sheets in less than 2-hours for eight figure facilities. Find out more about commercial bridging services here.

Property Development Finance

Our team of development specialists can arrange large scale property developement finance for a wide range of projects - both commercial and residentials. We have unrivalled access to the development marketplace and can open up many more funding lines for our clients than other operators.

Asset Finance

Asset finance

Aldfords finances high value refinance and purchase deals for a full range of hard and soft assets. This can be for owner operated transactions or through acquisition structured finance.  Our minimum asset transactions start at £5m.