Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is a form of finance that provides funding across the supply chain puzzle. By utilising a third party funder, your suppliers can be paid almost instantly - at no cost to you, the major buyer. Supply chain finance, also known as reverse factoring, allows the buyer to retain cost effective payment terms whilst ensuring their supply chain remain financially healthy. 

There is a lot of focus currently around SMEs and corporate time to pay. Every business has it's cash flow position as a top pritority and a carefully structured supply chain finance arrangement can meet all parties needs. 

We're able to arrange custom supply chain funding programmes in a matter of just a few weeks. Aldfords has experience with facilties into the hundreds of millions (£) on an international basis. 


The inclusion of sophisticated tech into the supply chain process helps create the most effective supply chain financing structure. The modern day sees the use of AI, machine learning and platform systems to link a multitude of stakeholders. 

supply chain finance
supply chain finance

Strengthen your supplier relations

Time to pay can often be the cause of stress on a buyer to supplier relationsip. In such scenarios both parties are trying to achieve the smae objectives. Supply chain finance, or reverse factoring, can solve this problem. 

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